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OR – Frequently Asked Questions-Retail Stores


Q:  When will retail recreational marijuana stores be open?
A:  The exact date is up in the air, but the most likely time is during the third quarter of 2016.
Q:  Will the OLCC distribute marijuana out of a central warehouse?
A:   No. Marijuana will be distributed by those who hold an OLCC recreational marijuana license.
Q:  Will there be a quota for how many retail outlets will be allowed?
A:  The measure does not specifically address the number of retail outlets allowed. Specifics for licensing retail outlets will be part of the rule-making process that is currently underway.
Q:  What will OLCC be doing to get ready for marijuana-related businesses?
A:  The OLCC has held listening sessions throughout the state to gain a better understanding of what Oregonians expect in the implementation of Measure 91. In addition to getting legislative approval of the marijuana budget for 2015-17 and preparing to hire staff for the program, the OLCC has also selected a vendor to build the online application process and selecting a second vendor for the traceability (seed-to-sale) system to track recreational marijuana. The OLCC has appointed an advisory committee to help write the rules necessary to implement Measure 91 and several subgroups to address specific issues. The goal is have the rules adopted by October or November of this year, after which the agency will hold seminars around the state to familiarize people with the application process in advance of accepting applications on January 4, 2016.