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The Nation’s Largest Cannabis Directory & Classifieds Site

is the one online HUB to buy, sell & connect in the cannabis community.

jivetree.com was created to connect the entire cannabis industry to the products and services they need. Business-to-business and business-to-consumer advertising—all in one easy, convenient online location.

j-man1As this industry continues to expand at such a rapid pace, it is vital that consumers and businesses have the resources they need at their fingertips. The intent at jivetree.com is to be the ultimate resource and authority on all things cannabis. And, jivetree.com was created not just for the legal marijuana industry (medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana stores, affiliated businesses), but also industrial hemp farming and the thousands of products produced from hemp.

The benefit of an all-inclusive website like jivetree.com is that it attracts a very diverse consumer base looking for a plethora of items and services, thus bringing more eyes to the site and to listed businesses.

jivetree.com is the original Cannabis Classifieds, offering FREE cannabis classified ads posted by consumers and businesses wanting to buy and sell individual products or services to others.

jivetree.com's professional cannabis Business Directory features full-page advertisements, detailing cannabis-friendly businesses with location maps, multiple photos and links to the businesses’ websites. The cannabis Business Directory also includes categories for the multitude of businesses that support or want to target the cannabis community, to include construction, accountants, security, marketing, etc.

jive-nation is the news section of the website with daily updates on the progression of both industrial hemp and legal marijuana issues.

The FREE cannabis Event Calendar is an online venue to promote special events and a true resource for consumers and businesses to be aware of what is going on not only in their own community, but nationwide.

The jivetree.com cannabis Resource Center offers direct links to governing entities and their rules and regulations for those States that have approved medicinal or retail marijuana and industrial hemp cultivation.

CannaStories is a live blog available to those who want to share their personal success stories, as well as case studies, on the miraculous benefits of cannabis and how it has changed their lives.

As a true advocate for the cannabis industry, jivetree.com's mission includes giving back to the cannabis community via a 4.2% profit donation to a chosen non-profit company in the industry on a quarterly basis.

The cannabis industry is growing fast and engagement is increasing exponentially, as is the potential for revenue, outreach and education. Currently, there is not a single available resource that businesses and consumers can collectively go to for information on the many different facets of the cannabis industry and community, except for jivetree.com.

jivetree.com fills that void and creates the one online HUB to buy, sell & connect in the weed and hemp industry. This website is the ultimate resource, connector and authority on all things cannabis.

jivetree.com is always FREE to view and our intent is to be the go-to source for the new gangapreneur or curious consumer to find EVERYTHING cannabis in one easy, online location.

Our cannabis Business Directory is perfect for any business wanting to gain NEW cannabis-friendly customers and additional exposure for a low annual fee of $420.

As a grass roots/guerrilla funding effort, jivetree.com is seeking out those current Industry Leaders to join the jivetree.com Founder’s Club. The goal of the Founder’s Club is to raise capital to increase our advertising efforts on a national scale: attending or sponsoring all major industry events annually, expanding our trade partnership with various print magazines, and increasing our exposure nationally, not only for jivetree.com but for the Founder’s Club Members as well.

For a $4200 contribution, the Founder’s Club has a Lifetime of benefits:

  • Unlimited Directory Listings for multiple locations
  • Social Media announcements of Membership
  • Press Release of Membership
  • Company Logo scrolling across the jivetree.com website on each and every page
  • Featured News Article on jive-nation
  • Discounts on Banner Advertising
  • Announcement of Membership in jivetree.com's monthly online and emailed newsletter
  • Discounts on future jivetree.com events

The Founder’s Club is limited to 50 Industry Leaders in the cannabis industry (marijuana, hemp or affiliated businesses), so that marketing efforts can be maximized for the benefit of the Member. Each Founder’s Club member’s directory ad will always be the top “Featured” directory ad in their business category.

Join the future and be a part of the one online HUB to buy, sell & connect with marijuana and hemp-friendly people and businesses!

About Our Founder and CEO: Lori Faff

jivetree.com's CEO started one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs, CO in 2010. In her experience with the marijuana dispensary, Lori saw first-hand the medical benefits people were experiencing with the use of medical marijuana and how it transformed their lives. Though she sold her interest in the medical marijauna dispensary, Lori became a true advocate for the cannabis industry and has continuously stayed involved, attending seminars, political events, etc. During her advocacy, Lori noticed that there was no single resource to find all she was looking for in regards to the cannabis industry and would at times jump from website to website trying to find information about news and events, often times finding out about an event only by accident. Lori realized that there was a need to be filled, not only for the curious consumer wanting to learn about this exploding new weed and hemp industry, but for canna-friendly businesses to connect with one another.

Imagine a new canna-business starting up, needing a store location, a website, a logo designed, an attorney, an accountant, security, and more… jivetree.com is that solution! The one online HUB for the cannabis community. Join the jivetree.com community today!