Prior to CW [Charlotte's Web], each time Tyler caught a cold (which was quite frequently), it would immediately manifest into pneumonia with a 7-10 day hospital stay in the PICU. We constantly dealt with collapsed lungs, chest X-rays, biPap, and much more. The left picture is of Tyler in the PICU with pneumonia.

After starting CW, we were pleasantly surprised when Tyler caught a cold and my packed bags for the hospital sat here in the living room just waiting. That first cold only lasted 2 days, and we never stepped foot into the hospital. We began to see a pattern with colds being short-lived and fevers only lasting a day or two. To date, Tyler has been on CW for 15 months and has had ZERO hospital admissions.

The picture on the right is of Tyler with a cold, resting and recovering comfortably in his own home, while using

—The Realm of Caring


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