Hacop and Daron

My twin 6 year-old nephews, premature at birth, Hacop and Daron, started on CBD coconut almost 3 months ago. Hacop is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he is impaired below his hips and uses a wheel chair when he goes to school, he has severe muscle stiffness, academically and intellectually is very intelligent. After using CBD oil for 3 months now, we have noticed a dramatic difference in his muscles, his muscle stiffness is 80% GONE just after 3 weeks of CBD use.

(Right about the time we ordered his CBD oil, his neurologist at children's hospital in Los Angeles recommended a muscle relaxer medication, but we had a big hope with CBD oil and never gave him the medication). He is very energetic now and constantly wants us to walk him or be with a walker, he doesn't get tired, for us that means he
is pain-free and relaxed.

Daron is diagnosed with autism (academically delayed and blurry speech), he had few surgeries for his eye, Daron is very fit and active physically. Daron receives speech therapy from the school district twice weekly for the past one year ...after only 4 weeks of CBD intake, his speech is much better (better than before). After his few
surgeries, still the right retina had a little shakiness, his surgeon told us that one of his eye muscles is very weak and there is nothing we can do about it for his age until over 15/16 years old. Well, this guy doesn't have any shakiness anymore and his vision is so healthy to the point that doesn't want to wear his glasses! He is more
talkative now, seems more alert and pays attention to details! I would like to mention also giving CBD oil at a different timing than meds (2 hrs between).

I truly would like to thank Ray for being there for us, directing and consulting with us about CW hemp oil and giving us hope that no physician could have. I have no doubt we will witness more improvements...

—The Realm of Caring

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