I am SO thrilled with how CWHO [Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil] has been working for Connor. He started CWHO on March 17, 2015. At the time he was taking Ethosuximide and Onfi and Abilify. Connor got really sick with the flu and would not take his meds. His body completely rejected them. I kept trying but he would throw them up each and every time. I finally stopped fighting and only gave him CWHO which is the only thing he did not vomit up. Now that is all he is taking. He is no longer aggressive, he sleeps well, he no longer looks puffy and bloated, he is happy. I am getting notes from his teacher stating "Another amazing day!" And...NO MORE SEIZURES! Today in Vision Therapy, his therapist stated "He is better! His tracking is SO much better!” Coming off his pharmaceuticals, now just on is like he is seeing the world for the first time. I chose to listen to the wisdom of his little body… I am beyond happy. I pray all our children get results like Connor.

—The Realm of Caring

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