Hemp Milk does a body good

About a decade ago when someone asked you if you wanted some milk, your first thought would automatically go straight to “cow”. And why wouldn’t it? Milk was and is synonymous with cows.

But now times have changed and our grocery stores and food markets are flooded with plant-based alternatives to cow milk. You can walk down the diary isle and find yourself staring right in the face of soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut and -yes- hemp milk. And consumers can’t get enough. Their thirst for low calorie, low sugar alternatives to regular cow milk is boosting these plant-based milks to new and exciting heights.

Milk alternatives only make up about 8% of milk sales in the US, but during the past few years, they’ve represented the fastest growing part of the dairy industry. The sales of the milk alternatives climbed to a  read more

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