Greeley native starts hemp store on 16th Street

When Greeley native Aaron Zimola started his business, he was only a senior in high school, and he did it without any big expectations.

Two years later, Zimola, 19, has opened a storefront for Happy Hempo, an all-hemp store, on 16th Street.

Happy Hempo was the brainchild of Zimola and two high school friends. They started it with $200 in capital.

“We chose hemp because it was the cheapest material to make things out of,” he said.

They started making bracelets, necklaces, hacky sacks and other small hemp items to sell to their school peers.

Then someone asked for a beanie for their instrument — a strange request — and Zimola went home to his mother to figure out if they could do it. For those who don’t make music, the hemp beanies fit over the scroll of the violin, cello, for example, but they are a little different for every instrument.  read more

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