Cannabis Shrinks Aggressive Brain Tumors – MRI Evidence of 3 Recent Case Studies

Part One – The Worldwide Escalation of Cancers

At the risk of sounding Pollyanna I believe that the essential oil of cannabis may indeed be a “cure” for several diverse cancers once the dosing and other details are worked out. While I take care not to call it a panacea there are simply far too many cases of incredible remissions from seemingly incurable cancers to ignore these reports.

We are running out of time with our “war on cancer.” Experts agree that conventional approaches using drugs and radiation are a failure in treating most deadly cancers. Except of course for the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society (see below Dr Epstein) who maintain the illusion of progress.

That means we need to determine if cannabis is the winner we all hope it will be. But before that happens we desperately need more human clinical research to prove the claims that cannabis cures cancer. While we pensively wait for that work to be accomplished, I’ll present several astonishing cases for you to examine.

Catch 22

Right now we find ourselves in an absurd catch 22: the FDA and the DEA have been telling us for forty years that they need more clinical research to prove the medical value of marijuana before it can be removed from its schedule I status. However, before we can obtain valuable clinical research on humans to help remove it from its prohibitive schedule I status, pot must be removed from its current prohibitive schedule I status so that human clinical trials may be undertaken. I feel a migraine coming on, what a mess!  read more

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