Hemp-PCDI Should Reflect Unique Offering to Potential Business Developers

George Gotto, Interim Executive Director for PCDI, Prowers County Development Incorporated, recapped his visit to the hemp farm that is developing in La Junta during the organization’s monthly meeting. The Whole Hemp Company has 100 acres planted using drip irrigation this year and employs about 30 people. He stated, “They expect to have from 200 to 250 workers when they’re at full capacity, using between two to five thousand acres for the future crop.” Gotto added that the former Wal-Mart building in La Junta will be converted to process medicinal oil from the plant. Gotto added, “Colorado and 18 other states have received permission to grow and process the plant. The U.S. right now is the world’s largest user of hemp products, but we import everything.”

SEBREA, the regional, five-county economic development organization, is revamping its by-laws, attempting to secure a 501-c-3 status which will allow them to apply directly for grants instead of using an economic development company and one of the five county commissioner boards to process their applications. Gotto attended a marketing class in La Junta, sponsored by the Small Business Development Center and he explained, “The class emphasized ways to distinguish your business from all others.” One focus in the discussion outlined how to differentiate your business from your competitors. He said, “Everyone has the same response declaring our service is what separates us, but no one ever tells you what their service is. They say it’s our people that distinguish them from the competition, but we don’t say why or what makes our people  read more

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