3 Great Marijuana Stocks to Watch in 2016

Investors that shun traditional sin stocks (gambling, tobacco, alcohol, porn) will probably not be interested in marijuana stocks. Those that have no issues with making money on sin stocks may want to keep an eye on marijuana stocks in 2016, especially with more and more states permitting medical and recreational marijuana use.

Recreational Marijuana Sales Soar

Pot stocks became popular after Colorado allowed the recreational sale of marijuana on January 1, 2014 and Washington State on June 1, 2014. Marijuana popped back up on Wall Street’s radar last week when Oregon became the third state to allow the sale of it.

Today, roughly 25 states have legalized medical marijuana and voters in Alaska and the District of Columbia have approved pot for recreational use. But that number could soon balloon. Legalization measures will be on the ballot in Ohio this November and in more than 10 states in 2016.  read more

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